A chubby armadillo goes on a diet

A chubby armadillo goes on a diet

An armadillo has been forced to go on a diet after eating too many bugs.

One-year-old Gretel, who lives in Drusillas Park in East Sussex, weighs 8lb and must lose 1lb after overindulging on juicy bugs.

The chubby armadillo has found it difficult to shift the post-Christmas weight which is detrimental to her health.

Head keeper Mark Kenward said: "She loves her food but does put on weight easily.

"We have therefore made adjustments to her eating plan, combined with a little more exercise."

Armadillo's have a bony outer shell and tough tissue and prefer to eat a diet of locusts, mealworms, wax worms, eggs, rice and vegetables.

Greta has a slow metabolic rate and has also been put on an exercise regime.