A chimpanzee develops a love of cleaning

A chimpanzee develops a love of cleaning

A chimpanzee has developed a love of cleaning.

Elya's enclosure was upgraded from metal bars to being surrounded by large glass windows, and since the change the animal was caught copying the actions of the Don's zookeeper, picked up a cloth and began to wipe the windows.

Elya has also reportedly been trying to pick up the staff's broom to assist sweeping, according to the footage, which was captured by the zookeeper, and has since been shared the Mirror Online.

Zookeeper Polina Fishmanm said: "Since she was moved to her newly renovated cage, she started showing different behaviours like cleaning the cage and washing the windows."

And zoologist, Olga Streltsova, added: "This girl really likes to wash the windows and sweep the ground. She prefers her new enclosure - especially the way she can clearly see visitors through the glass."