A bystander snaps photo of spirit leaving strangers body

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A bystander snaps photo of spirit leaving strangers body

A victim's spirit was captured leaving the body after a fatal car crash.

A man from Kentucky snapped the haunting picture after passing the accident, which shows the moment the fatal accident ended the life of one of the people involved.

A paranormal activity specialist, Scott C Waring shared his views on his website ufosightingsdaily.com. He said: "When an accident happened, someone took a photo and realized a spirit was moving upward from the dead body. Although this is not a UFO or alien, it is paranormal and very exciting news indeed. This confirms, that humans will not just disappear when we die, but our energy stays intact and lifts away from the shell of a body to go ... somewhere awesome."

However, not everyone agreed with Scott.

One user said: "Accidents are always filmed and photographed. This is hard to believe even though I really want to."

Another added: "It could easily be a gap in the trees showing light from the other side."