91-year-old suffocated during sex game gone bad

91-year-old suffocated during sex game gone bad

A 91-year-old woman is believed to have suffocated during a sex game gone bad.

The pensioner, who is believed to have been sleeping with her 49-year-old neighbour, was found on her bed, naked from the waist down and next to a sex toy.

The grim discovery was made in Averio, outside Porto, Portugal.

Her neighbour, a married dad-of-two, was arrested after the semen recovered at the scene was linked to his DNA.

The man has since been released on bail after a court heard that the woman’s death is believed to be a tragic accident.

Reports indicate that asphyxia was listed as the official cause of death. 

Police say there was no sign of forced entry and nothing had been stolen from the house.

A neighbour told reporters that the woman was “very active” for her age and that the neighbour linked with the death would regularly go to her house to do odd jobs.