80lb mass removed from scrotum

Dan Maurer (Pic: Facebook)
Dan Maurer (Pic: Facebook)

A Michigan man can finally have sex again after having an 80lb mass removed from his scrotum.

Dan Maurer was unable to have sex or even walk properly for the past seven years due to an enlarged scrotum caused by scrotal lymphedema but a 14-hour operation to remove the growth has changed everything.

He only realised he had a medical condition when he saw a man on TV with the same complaint.

And now, one year after urologist Dr Joel Gelman removed the growth, Mr Maurer is starring in a documentary about his journey on TLC.

He said: "If my story helps just one person it will have been worth it."

'Dan's 80lb Testicle', will air on Thursday (08.10.15) at 10pm on TLC in the UK.