7 pearls of wisdom from the Kingdom's Danny Healy-Rae

Danny Healy-Rae
Danny Healy-Rae

Independent TD for Kerry, Danny Healy-Rae, has hit the headlines once more, this time focusing his attention on the ozone layer.

Danny, who doesn’t believe in climate change, this morning said that he thinks holes in the ozone layer were caused by ‘nuclear testing’.

“They never told us that nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean 50 years ago actually caused the serious damage to the ozone layer. And thankfully now it’s mending and securing and it’s not anything to do with policies of any country in recent times.”

This comment was made in the Dail during a debate on Ireland ratifying the UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Mr Healy-Rae’s views have hit the headlines on numerous occasions, most famously his Dail speech about climate change which went viral online.

1.) Deputy Healy-Rae told the Dail that he doesn’t agree with all the talk about climate change because only God controls the weather.

“God above is in charge of the weather and we here can’t do anything about it,” he told the Dáil during a debate on climate change.

He said there had been patterns of climate change going back over centuries, “before there was ever a combustible engine working in this or any other countries.

“If we go back to the 11th and 12th centuries this country was roasted out of it and in the 15th and 16th centuries were were drowned out of it,” he said.

“In the 1740s, we had a famine in which we lost more than three million people because of two years of bad weather.”

The TD then suggested that flooding was “due to the fact that rivers have not been cleaned out.”

2) The Kerry publican once took it upon himself to remind Newstalk listeners that that they couldn’t trust scientists.

“If we go back to the 1970s, we were told by scientists that our buildings were going to be washed away by acid rain. It hasn’t happened, so we can’t believe all of what the scientists are saying,” he told listeners. 

3) In an interview with 'Hot Press' magazine, the Kerry TD has insisted the Old Testament story of God telling Noah to build an ark so he could be spared from apocalyptic floods backs up his claim.

"I'm basing my views on facts. The facts are there and history proves it. We had the Ice Age. We had Noah's Ark. We had all those stories. We've proof of the Famine in 1740, which was caused by two years of incessant rain," Mr Healy-Rae said.

"There were some centuries when the country was very hot... and then there were different centuries with so much rain and cold. So, those are facts," he added.

4) Deputy Danny Healy-Rae gave out about Kerry Snails causing traffic jams, by telling the Dail that the planned bypass for Macroom and Ballyvourney on the N22, the main road link between Cork and Kerry, had been delayed far too long.

What a 'Kerry snail' might look like

“It has been held up by environmentalists and others, who thought up ridiculous reasons like snails and other species," he said.

"And to rub salt into our wounds, they described him as 'the Kerry snail'. I wonder did they put a Kerry jersey on him. "Or how did they know he was a Kerry snail?" he asked indignantly.

5) Mr Healy-Rae also said he voted against the Marriage Equality Referendum because he believes it is "not natural" for a gay couple to raise a child.

On the same-sex marriage referendum, he said he voted 'No' as "going back, it was always a man and a woman produced a baby and brought them up. And that's the way I felt it should continue".

6) The pub landlord hit the headlines, before his election to government, when he proposed that some people should be allowed drink "two or three" pints and drive home.

The idea, which would see gardaí grant permits allowing people drink more than the legal limit, was proposed by the politician three years ago and was aimed at tackling the issue of loneliness among older people living in rural Ireland.

7) The Kerry man also insisted he would shoot an intruder entering his home in Kilgarvan. 

Michael Healy-Rae lets rip on RTE

"I'd aim for their legs first. I'd immobilise them first, or something like that, if there was no other way of dealing with them. I'd have no problem with that. It's ridiculous where the law actually favours the criminal in some of these incidents," said Danny Healy-Rae.