May 24th, 2016

15 cops and a taser required to take down public masturbator

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Andrew Frey
Andrew Frey

Oregon man Andrew Frey (37) was arrested on Christmas Eve on a litany of charges which stem from a weekend crystal meth binge in his home town of Beaverton.

Authorities were able to track Frey’s movements from Sunday afternoon after he called a locksmith to his home and refused to pay him.

He then made his way to a local shopping centre where employees quickly removed him from the premises before he finally descended upon ‘Iggy’s Bar & Grill’

It was here where Frey started to let loose; while sitting in the venue he decided to begin exposing his genitalia to the bar-staff.

Frey then turned it up a notch and took it upon himself to start publicly masturbating in the bar.

The meth user scuttled off to the bathroom before police arrived, but continued to touch himself while in the restrooms.

A deputy responding to the incident saw it fit to taser Frey multiple times in order to bring him under control but the electrified weapon had no effect on the crystal smoking public masturbator.

The deputy then got into a fight with the suspect and tried to radio for help but the radio signals weren’t working inside the restaurant toilet.

A dispatcher tried to radio the deputy for an update and realised communications were not going through.

The dispatcher then radioed for backup and 15 officers descended onto the bar and finally arrested him reports the New York Daily News

Police noted it took several officers to finally get Frey under control.

Frey said he took the drugs Saturday and did not remember anything that happened since.

He was treated at a local hospital and then transported to county jail

Frey (37) was charged with public indecency, resisting arrest and theft of services.