13-year-old forces Irish Rail into apology after granny was forced to stand for three hours

Zach McCarthy has forced an apology from Irish Rail
Zach McCarthy has forced an apology from Irish Rail

Zach McCarthy wrote a letter of complaint about Irish Rail after his 76-year-old granny had no seat for a three-hour trip to Cork.

The sixth-class student from Blackrock boarded the train last weekend to visit his grandfather. He paid €32 for his ticket and his granny used her travel pass.

However, when the announcer at Heuston Station said the train was boarding, there was a rush for the carriages so there were no seats available when Zach and his granny got on.

"We walked through every single carriage on the train. There were people everywhere lying on the ground. There was an elderly lady left forced to lie on the ground and there was a pregnant lady as well. She was holding her tummy and looked really frightened," Zach told the Irish Independent.

"At one point, they announced the food trolley wouldn't be able to come around. I think it was because there were so many people on the ground. People were saying it was like a Third World country. It was awful and not a pleasant experience."

The youngster wrote a letter to the Irish Examiner about the matter and he plans to write a formal letter of complaint.

The publicity the case has generated has forced an apology from Irish Rail. A company spokesperson also said: "While standing can be the norm in some commuter areas, we fully accept customers have a right to expect a seat. We will get in contact with him to address the complaint."