July 25th, 2017

Gallery: 13 of the craziest selfies ever taken

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These are some of the selfies which have created the #SelfieToDieFor campaign, which highlights the hazards of taking selfies at risky, life-threatening locations.

IT'S THE click of a finger that can chillingly capture the moments be­fore your own death.

The selfie phenomenon may be taking over the world, but in some cases the urge to take that self-portrait can prove fatal.

A new study by an Irish medical expert has revealed how tourists are dicing with death and injury from selfie-related falls, attacks from wild animals, electrocution, lightning strikes, trauma at sporting events, road traffic and pedestrian accidents.

The narcissistic trend driven by Kim Kardashian and her family has been responsible for a catalogue of injuries.

Smartphone users have become perilously un­aware of the very real danger they are in while getting into the frame for the perfect holiday shot.

A study co-authored by Dr Gerard Flaherty, Lecturer in Clinical Medicine in NUI Galway, has examined the litany of accidents caused by seeking the ultimate selfie.

"Travellers who take selfies, including with the use of selfie sticks, may be subject to traumatic injuries associated with this activity," noted the study.

It added that the "lack of situational aware­ness" and "temporary distraction inherent in selfie-taking" exposes the traveller to potential hazards as they get snap-happy on their holidays.

However, it could be the last sight they will ever see as the number of worldwide selfie-related deaths since 2014 is now over 50. 

After a spate of recent deaths, #SelfieToDieFor is a new movement aimed at creating awareness on the hazards of taking selfies at risky and life threatening locations. 

Lynne Kelleher