11 people hospitalised after driver tries to kill spider in her lap

Spider in a car causes mayhem
Spider in a car causes mayhem

A 17-year-old girl caused a major car accident when she tried to swat a spider that landed in her lap while driving.

The teen was driving along a road in a place called Great Bend in Kansas when she noticed the arachnid on her lap.

The Kansas State Police say that she then let go of the steering wheel to try and swat the spider and lost control of the car.

It veered across into oncoming traffic, striking another car head on. It then bounced off that and struck a second car.

FO people in the first car, plus six people in the second car were taken to hospital after the collision.

Six of those injured were children, including a three year old, two five year olds and a seven year old.

The 17-year-old driver was also taken to hospital.

Two more people, whose car was hit with debris from the crash, did not require hospital treatment.