10 ways to avoid the Good Friday drinking ban

10 ways to avoid the Good Friday drinking ban

Let us offer some alternatives before you panic and accidentally bulk buy a year's supply of discount beer in anticipation of dry Friday.

For those of you who live in caves, Good Friday is one of very few days in Ireland where the sale of alcohol is prohibited.

Off-licenses and bars throughout the nation are closed and thirsty punters flock, tins in hand, to house parties in order to enjoy the holy day.

Some see dry Friday as nothing more than a way to increase off-licence sales the day before, while others celebrate the Christian aspect of the day. 

But if you're stuck without a stockpile of reserve booze, there are certain ways to get around the archaic rules.

1) Hotels can serve alcohol with a meal


For obvious reasons hotels are allowed to serve a drink and a meal, but keep in mind many hotels demand that you be a guest to avail of their Good Friday loophole.

2) Take in some dog racing

Why not take a trip down to your local greyhound stadium for a race, a bet and a tipple.

Shelbourne Park greyhound track in Dublin is open on Friday and is free from the anti-drinking rules. There is no live racing but for the €5 entry fee you can enjoy live racing from Cork, accompanied by all the pints you can stomach.

3) Head on to the ferry or take a flight

It is slightly drastic and sometimes quite expensive but you can drink away on board both an aeroplane and a ferry.

Once you get through security with a ticket in your paw, you can grab a pint at one of the airport bars - all for the price of a cheap Ryanair fare. 

4) Cross the border

Head for the hills and cross the border, once you're in Northern Ireland the Irish intoxicating liquor act doesn't apply.

All pubs and clubs will be open as well as off-licences, for anyone who forgets to support their local offo the night before Good Friday.  

5) Private Members Clubs

If you know some impressive secret handshakes that unlock the doors of certain clubs you could be in luck, as various private members clubs are allowed to sell alcohol for up to six hours.  

6) Head to the theatre

Once you have a ticket and you're inside the playhouse, you can avail of the theatrical loophole and grab yourself a few scoops.

7) Have dinner on the Grand Canal

The La Peniche restaurant, which is on the barge MV Riasc, is allowed to serve drink on Good Friday but space is limited. 

8) Go to the train station

Once you have a ticket, you can be served in some train stations throughout Ireland.

Once you have an intercity ticket you're away with it; you'll be served in the station bars and you don't even have to take the train. 

9) Befriend a soldier

Army bars don't have to comply with the dry-Friday laws and the drinks are supplemented.

This means discount pints, soldiers and firearms a plenty.

Sounds like a plan.

10) Invest in a plastic bag and fill it with lovely cans

They won't go off.

If all else fails, there is cans.

Lovely, lovely cans.

But remember, don't drink and drive

And stay safe