10 of the most hilarious business names in Ireland

The Camel Tow recovery company is top of our list
The Camel Tow recovery company is top of our list

WOMEN just can’t help themselves when it comes to (1) Camel Tow – according to the towing company’s owner.

James O’Flynn, from Delgany, Co. Wicklow, has been getting plenty of attention since he started his punderful tow truck service over the summer. 

“It’s up and running three months, but it’s getting an awful lot of attention. People even follow me in traffic and take pictures. Women especially love it. I have a lot more women taking pictures than men. It’s blown my mind, the reaction,” he said.

He said even on-duty gardaí are getting a laugh out of his company name. 

“In the city centre you’d have guards waving on traffic and next thing one of them is lifting his phone up over all the traffic taking a picture of the truck.”

He said he decided on the name because he wanted to cheer people up. 

“Usually if you go out in a tow truck it’s to a situation where someone is in bad form after crashing their car or breaking down. When I arrive and they see the truck they get a bit of a smile. It cheers people up. I can see people and as we drive towards them and they get a big smile on their face.”

James said he hopes the eye-catching name will be good for business and he’s noticed a growing trend in companies using funny names. 

“Nobody will forget the name. I think a few people are trying to brighten up business names. There can’t be any harm in it.”

Using humour to increase business proved extremely successful for Mattress Mick, whose deliberately cheesy advertising and videos went viral and massively increased sales in his mattress shop in Dublin. 

The plan was such a success that Mattress Mick is starring in his own documentary, called Mattress Men, which has received critical acclaim.

There are plenty of other examples of business owners using funny names. 

If you’re looking for furniture in Longford, it’s hard to beat (2) Big Mickey, despite some stiff competition.

His prices are so micro you’d think he’d gone soft, but (3) Bill’s Gates has been a popular side gate business in Ballyfermot for years.

Hello, is it lino you’re looking for? Well (4) Lino Ritchie is No.1 when it comes to lino and carpets in Finglas. 

Plenty of people were miserable after (5) Angela’s Rashers café closed down in Ballyfermot. 

(6) Bonny Tiler eclipses most of the competition when it comes to installing tiles in the Glenageary area. 

Trinity Students are often seen staring at (7) Knobs and Knockers on Nassau Street in Dublin when they pass by the shop.

You might leave the (8) M.T. Pockets pub in Galway with less money than when you arrived, but apparently it isn’t all that expensive. 

Despite a catchy name, Ulster said no to the (9) For Cod and Ulster chippers in Belfast, which eventually closed down after their sales took a battering. 

(10) I Got Worms sells fishing tackle in Limerick, which at least isn’t as off-putting a name as the Master Baiter tackle shop in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Outside of Ireland there are plenty of other funny business names, including Florist Gump, Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom and Tequila Mockingbird. 

And if you’re ever looking for a divorce in Texas, you could do a lot worse than Ditcher, Quick and Hyde attorneys.