New images of Skull Island: Reign of Kong revealed

New images of Skull Island: Reign of Kong revealed

It’s the rumble in the jungle we’ve all been waiting for…

The first glimpse of King Kong as he emerges from the undergrowth in his new Orlando habitat.

Skull Island: Reign of Kong will open its doors at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in the coming weeks and, finally, we’ve been given a hint as to the colossal size of the legendary beast.

Details of the new attraction have been shrouded in secrecy for months, however, the ride’s creative director, Mike West,  dropped a few very BIG clues this week as to the enormity of the King himself.

Standing three-stories tall, 18 feet wide at his shoulders and with a head larger than a car, Mike sounds a word of warning as he describes the appearance of the big guy.

 “On the brink of destruction,” West says, “Kong arrives, but is he there to save you? You'll find out when your face this colossal beast in the flesh.”

“This isn’t a movie, this is the real deal – close enough that you’ll feel his breath sweep across your skin and his thunderous roar reverberate through every bone in your body,” he adds.

Universal has been drip-feeding information on Skull Island: Reign of Kong for months now, and what we’ve learned is that this ride is going to be on scale never seen before.

Everything about the ride will be big. The entrance alone features 150,000sq foot of rock work - including the 80ft-high Great Wall façade and temple ruins – which took 70,000 work hours to complete. The intricate brickwork - none of which has been prefabricated - has all been handcrafted onsite by an army of more than 300 workers.

Even the ride vehicles promise to be king-size. Unlike the majority of attractions, they will operate on a completely trackless system and are a massive 40ft long, weigh 17 tons and carry 72 passengers at one time.

But it’s the appearance of Kong himself in recent days that has sparked a frenzy amongst theme park enthusiasts. As Mike says: “This is his world and you’re at his mercy!”

Check out the amazing video below and log on to www.universalorlando.com for all the latest news.