Irish holidaymakers habits revealed, including how many go nude on beach

Less than one in 10 Irish people have bared all on the beach
Less than one in 10 Irish people have bared all on the beach

A new survey has revealed just what we get up to on holiday, and how many of us are willing to bare all on the beach may surprise you.

The survey, conducted by travel company Expedia, revealed that 9% of Irish people surveyed admitted going nude at a beach.

The Germans and Austrians proved the most fond of sunbathing in the nip at 25% and 28% respectively.

A surprising 59% of Irish beach-goers stated they would never share photos/selfies of themselves in swimwear on social media networks like Instagram or Facebook.

And when asked their preference of beach attire – Irish woman stated a swimsuit with cover-up was their number one choice at 31%.

Just 1% stated they went au natural.

As for men 54% chose to wear swimming trunks at 54%, with 5% selecting Speedos. Only 3% stated au natural as their preferred option.

And the majority of us get embarrassed when others strip off, with 57% of Irish beach-goers citing feeling somewhat to very uncomfortable in the company of topless or nude beach-goers. 

Despite this, 25% of Irish holidaymakers admit to being ‘intimate on a beach’, while on holiday, the same percentage as Australian beachgoers.

Irish holidaymakers came in higher than their French and British counterparts at 21% and Germans at 23% when to comes to getting down to sandy shenanigans.