Multi-sport entertainment facility will test ALL your sporting skills

Leinster Rugby's Jordi Murphy and Dublin footballer Michael Darragh Macauley at Skill Zone
Leinster Rugby's Jordi Murphy and Dublin footballer Michael Darragh Macauley at Skill Zone

Looking for a different kind of birthday party or corporate event? Then Skill Zone is the place you have been looking for.

It's a place that will allow you to show off just how good you are across a range of sports and compete with friends, family and work colleagues in state-of-the-art facility in Stillorgan, Dublin.

Leinster Rugby's Jordi Murphy and Dublin footballer Michael Darragh Macauley race each other in the Climbing Zone

Skill Zone promises to test the skill, accuracy, power and agility of groups and individuals and not only will you be able to test yourself against those you know, an all-time top 10 leader board means you get to compete with virtually everyone in Ireland, ideal for the ultra-competitive out there. 

Covering a vast 16,000 sq/ft themed facility, 10 custom built cages house 10 different sports challenges.

Each challenge varies and users will have up to 12 attempts to score a maximum of 100 points. Prove you are the best at your sport and battle it out for the ultimate title of Skill Zone Champion.

The Zones

Baseball Zone – two fully automated pitching machines will fire softballs at up to 50mph. The more you hit, the higher your score.
Basketball – Ever wanted to feel the pressure of being an NBA basketball star. You have 10 shots from 4.6 meters just like the pros.
Climbing Zone - Compete against the clock or your friends. This transparent 6m high wall with a stop clock built in allows participants to scale the wall with their opponent fully visible on the other side. True Blue technology provides the safety harness that allows for a safe decent when you have reached the buzzer.

Michael takes a kick in the Gaelic Football Zone

Gaelic Football Zone - Out of your hands or from the ground either way you have 10 attempts to get it between the sticks as if you were on the special turf of Croker
Golf Zone – Think you’ve got what it takes to chip it in from 9 yards? This test of nerve will challenge even the most competent chippers.
Hang Tough – How long can you hang on for? Against the clock the last person hanging wins.

Jordi sees if he can 'Hang Tough'Rugby Zone – Drop goal or place kick? The choice is yours but the target is the same.

And he tries to see if he can stand in for Johnny Sexton

Shooting Zone - Keep the gun steady and your eye on the target. This state of the art interactive shooting game is the closest you’ll get to the real thing.
Soccer Zone – 10 penalties from 12 yards. How hard could that be?
Tennis Zone - Another automated serving machine sends the tennis balls at you and all you have to do is return with interest.

Skill Zone is an ideal day out for a very different birthday party or other group event. 

Aimed at 10 years to adults, Skill Zone is a new way to cater for this market. Skill Zone can cater for groups from 8 to 80 and you will have full access to the circuit for 90 minutes to complete the 10 challenges. 

Afterwards you will be brought to your own private party room where you can enjoy pizza, refreshments and prize giving.

And corporate days out are covered too, offering a refreshing change to the usual business day out. Each group will have a dedicated host to professionally manage your session from start to finish. All participants must be over the age of 10.

Full details can be found at or 01 4378844