March 24th, 2017


Michelle Branch moves to Nashville to live with Black Keys drummer boyfriend

Leighton Meester doesn't want motherhood to overshadow her career achievements

Elton John's marriage is 'better'

Sir Elton John's marriage to David Furnish has got "better and better".

Leighton Meester is proud

Jake Gyllenhaal was 'fake friends' with Ryan Reynolds before Life

Emma Roberts gets scared at her own movies

John Mayer still pines after Katy Perry

John Mayer cried as he channelled his heartbreak over his split from Katy Perry into his new single Still Feel Like Your Man.

Dwayne Johnson emotional over young fan

Christina Ricci was always immature

Dax Shepard directed in the nude

Dax Shepard directed 'CHIPS' in the nude.