March 30th, 2017


Chris Evans praises ex-girlfriend

Victoria Beckham 'so proud' of Brooklyn

The Beautiful Secret's Rachael Hawnt on 'difficult' autism song

The Beautiful Secret's Rachael Hawnt found it "difficult" writing a song about her niece who has autism.

Stephanie Pratt is set to buy Binky Felstead a handbag for her second baby shower

Steven Moffat's Doctor advice for Chris Chibnall

Morgan Freeman tired of recording fans' voicemail messages

George Michael's grave won't be accessible to fans

George Michael's fans won't be able to visit the late singer's grave.

Lady Gaga was 'in her element' on RuPaul's Drag Race

Drake finally performs in Amsterdam after recovering from illness 

Val Kilmer: People think I'm a 'pervert'

Val Kilmer joked people think he's a "pervert" because of his comments about Cate Blanchett.