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Take the plunge and explore Switzerland

Mount Pilatus
Mount Pilatus

Traditions, food, languages, culture and even climates from across Europe meet in this small, diverse and unique country.

Switzerland has seemingly endless opportunities for exploration, so why not take the plunge into every aspect of its lifestyle?

Vast mountains, tranquil lakes and cities that bubble with heritage are yours to discover - all made easily accessible by a Swiss transport system that you could set your watch to.

You’ll feel like you have nothing but time on holiday in Switzerland. Its variety is best experienced up close, so take to the hills on foot, or especially by railway - the vintage cogwheel up Mount Pilatus is a real favourite.

Many Swiss lakeside towns have their own lidos, so take a dive into the depths and relax on the water.

It’s a perfect lazy alternative to an environment where you can be hill-walking in the morning and year-round skiing on the Matterhorn glacier in the afternoon.

A trip wouldn’t be complete without sampling the traditional Swiss cuisine - at its cheesy best in the form of a fondue, raclette or tartiflette – a tasty treat in all our locations.

With departure dates now available any day of the week, our Swiss holidays give you the freedom to see what you want to see, when you want to see it.

But if you do need some tips, our overseas team will be happy to nudge you in the right direction. We've also got some fantastic Switzerland summer 2015 deals visit its dedicated page.

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