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Get active in the outdoors or kick back and relax in Tirol

Take a hike in the spectacular Tirol
Take a hike in the spectacular Tirol

You might've heard of places like Mayrhofen, St Anton and Kitzbühel if you're a skier, but some people forget that the Tirol is arguably the number one summer destination for walkers in Europe.

From Alpbach to the Ziller Valley, the Tirolean region is jam-packed with snow-capped Alpine peaks, quaint lakeside villages, local culture and some pretty awe-inspiring views.

If taking a dip in a glacial lake, hurtling downhill on a mountain bike or hiking above the clouds is your idea of holiday heaven then the Tirol should definitely be on your bucket list.

As spring turns to summer, the Tirolean ski resorts transform from white snowfields to green meadows, ready to be mown by the grazing cows.

Edelweiss, the Austrian national flower, is joined by more colourful flora. Mountain lifts lurch back into life, ready to transport you to heady heights for unrivalled panoramic views.

Down in the villages it seems like there's some sort of celebration or festivity every week. Live music, dancing and culture thrive across the Tirol.

It's not all traditional ompah ompah bands, thigh-slapping and lederhosen either - although there may be a little.

And the Tirol's capital, Innsbruck, is the perfect place for whiling away the hours exploring the historical sites and doing a spot of shopping.

Staying active in the great outdoors is a Tirolean way of life. And why wouldn't you with all this fresh mountain air? Climbing, hiking and mountain biking are all popular on land and the glacial lakes and rivers are perfect for swimming, canyoning and rafting.

Alternatively, you could take to the skies and try paragliding among the surrounding peaks.

Or simply kick back and relax - get away from the rigmaroles of work and leave the stress and strain behind. The Tirol has an oasis of indulgent spas and wellness centres, often within your hotel.

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