Caffe Concerto – A London Sweet Treat

The stunning interior of Caffe Concerto in London
The stunning interior of Caffe Concerto in London
The stunning interior of Caffe Concerto in London
The stunning interior of Caffe Concerto in London

If you ever get a chance to head for Trafalgar Square, you must stop by Caffe Concerto, which is conveniently located on Whitehall Road.

The treats are something that has gotten this restaurant its fame but the interior is worth a mention too, while you dine in here you will not fail to notice the elegance its interior packs within its walls.

The restaurant offers a stunning mix of baroque, renaissance and classical decor, and not only does dining feel like royalty but it is equivalent to dining in a living masterpiece of art. 

The restaurant is an absolute delight from the moment you step in, it offers sweet delicacies from across the globe with a twist.

Their desserts, especially the cakes, are a must have, from fresh fruit loaded to creamy tarts, multi-layered cake slices and a great variety of irresistible cupcakes.

It also offers a wholesome variety of food, its menu piled high with flavor and choices, from tempting starters, soups and salads to filling main courses.

The restaurant is located near National Gallery, close to Big Ben and The Eye and happens to be a part of a chain of restaurants; they specialize in cakes and seem to be doing everything from a chocolate fudge cake to wedding cakes.

I personally am a big fan of good food (usually on the healthier side), but again who isn’t? Generous helpings are one of the key attractions at the Caffe Concerto Trafalgar Square, and this café is a perfect fit for one of those traditional afternoon teas.

Upon my visit I ordered a seafood salad, which I was billed for at £14.95 (€19.75), it was a burst of flavors and was just the perfect combination. For my main course I had a beef burger and as the waiter had suggested I found it to be the juiciest burger I have had in months, though the beef burger was over priced at about £10 (€13.20), but the sauces and the beef patty did justice to the burger over all.

Next I ordered a slice of their Strawberry Cheese cake. I found it irresistibly fresh as it melted over my taste buds.

Caffe Concerto is not exactly light on the pocket but if you are in the mood for a ride down the memory lane and take great pleasure in vintage décor, and the classic British lifestyle this is the one place for you.

The waiter also told me they have live music on certain hours, I could not attend to it due to my short visit.

To sum it up, the restaurant offers Italian food and some awe inspiring interior, with desserts that make you feel like you have come to your grandmother’s home, they are using authentic English recipes for tarts and cakes, and chances are this will become my absolute favorite tea spot. Did I mention the café also happens to have a bar?

Apparently, this place has everything good in life packed within these walls. 

Nevertheless, the Caffe Concerto afternoon tea menu comes with a twist of contemporary to the traditional, with great service and a nice variety of savories to choose from, teatime does not get any better.

Some great art to look at, a cup of tea and a little something to go with it, little by little will draw you into the beautifully royal Victorian era and not just so, it will make you feel like royalty.

Caffe Concerto wedding cakes should certainly be one of your top considerations, if you live in the London area or plan on getting married in town. Lastly, if I had 5 seconds to come up with a grade out of 10, I would be tempted to give it a 7.5 – which in my book is good.

Credit/Author: story & travel photos by Patrice Le Paulmier, an international travel photographer published across several continents. Passionate about sharing beautiful places which are accessible to all. Samples at journeysoftheworld.com