A romantic getaway that keeps the kids entertained in beautiful Greece

Amanda Brunker
Amanda Brunker

Think you can’t combine a romantic break with a family holiday? Think again.

It’s possible. I’ve done it. On the small Greek island of Kos I found a little piece of heaven which I never wanted to leave.

Only 10 minutes from the airport, this all-inclusive haven is tucked into a mountain cove that sees no passing traffic.

It even has it’s own private beach and water-park. And enough bars, restaurants and pools to frequent that you feel like you’ve travelled about, without ever having to leave the complex.

Let me introduce you to Blue Lagoon Village. A beautiful holiday resort, only built four years ago, it’s spotlessly clean and efficiently run by Thomson Holidays.

Yes, it’s clear I loved the place but if you’ve a family of varying ages read on, as I would like to explain why this place is definitely for you. There’s a lot to tell you about, so apologies if I meander off point.

I’ll try and fit in as many details as possible, but please know I paid for this holiday and I would happily pay to go again.

Okay, like all mums I stress about holidays as much as everything else.

There’s nothing worse than coming back from a fortnight away with the kids feeling like you need another holiday.

You feel cheated on all the money you’ve spent, you resent your kids for being demanding demons and you hate yourself and your other half for being so stupid as to think you could really enjoy a ‘vacation’ with the family.

Once small people come into your life it’s hard to get a real break without leaving the kids behind with grandparents.

Am I right? But, honestly, Blue Lagoon Village has all the angles covered. The accommodation is gorgeous and, best of all, spacious.

We had a large split-level suite with two balconies and two toilets, which had a lovely sea view and was adequately soundproof once the bedroom door was shut.

Providing perfect parent privacy… wink, wink… nudge nudge!

Obviously standard rooms are smaller, but they are still spacious and if you really feel like splashing the cash, you can get larger apartments with swim-up rooms or private pools.

For me, the most important element of a holiday is the kids club.

I will NOT go away to a place that does not have one. Be wary, though, as not all kids clubs are the same. But I can tell you the staff at Blue Lagoon Village were amazing.

My kids adored them. They cater to all ages, which removes your small people for hours at a time if you so wish. Well, I can tell you I did wish… and they were granted!

That said, they weren’t always returned in the same state they were dropped off in, like after a certain chocolate fountain party. Their shorts were chucked into the bin soon after, but boy did they have a blast!

The kids clubs did something different each day and because of their age, mine normally got dropped off at 11am-1pm and again in the afternoon for a couple of hours.

Every second night there were parties by the main entertainment stage which fed them and allowed parents to eat dinner alone – novel idea, eh?

Afterwards we could relax with a couple of glasses of wine just outside The Cocktail Bar, as the kids played with their friends in the playground beside it. It was blissful.

And when the playground closed about 10-ish, the kids would sit inside the bar (it’s very child friendly) and play Minecraft with their friends and generally be engrossed in their own worlds till they were dragged unwillingly back to their bedrooms

Food wise, there were zero complaints from any of the Brunker posse. In the main Aegean Restaurant (you can sit inside or outside), there is 5-star food on a mass scale. It had a huge buffet at either end of the room, which connects to another Greek restaurant that has yet another massive buffet.

The choice of hot and cold food ranges perfectly from healthy cuisine to deliciously naughty pizzas and well-cooked junk food. They cater for all taste buds and finicky eaters, as well those looking for fine dining.

Trust me, you will never go hungry at Blue Lagoon Village.

There are six more restaurants in the complex. Because of my gang I never got to try their Thalassa Fish Tavern (which I heard was wonderful) or their Sushi Restaurant.

I did go to their Chinese Restaurant a couple of times, which was lovely, but because their menu was quite limited, twice was enough over the two weeks.

Instead we frequented the Italian restaurant more. They opened for lunch also, so if we were feeling particularly hungry – which was unlikely as we generally pigged out over breakfast – we could grab a meal and some vino there, and literally fall into a food coma by the pool for the rest of the day!

The only restaurant that didn’t float my boat was the Adventure Barbecue. For me there was no adventure, just work.

While the staff were smiley and sweet and kept the beer flowing, you basically needed to grab your meat and cook it yourself.

Now, as a woman who does that all the time at home, I prefer for someone else to cook my food while I’m away.

Thank you very much!

Outside of buffet meal times, snacks were available from various outlets.

Nutella pancakes were a favourite for my boys from the Gelateria, where you could get waffles, deserts and ice creams also.

Many toasties were enjoyed from the Beach Snack Bar and if all else fails to tempt, there is a mini market with enough junk to satisfy the eternally hungry.

Okay, enough about food. You get the picture. I easily put on 10lbs over my two weeks at Blue Lagoon Village and two months on, I’m only just back to my original weight. But I don’t care. It was worth it!

As our palatial apartment was located right beside The Relax Pool, the majority of our stay was spent there, relaxing, being handed waters, coffees, beers and bread rolls, tanning, reading and generally chilling out.

There are four other pools which we could have camped at.

The Activity Pool, as its name suggests, has a more energetic vibe, another 3,000 square metre swimming pool with a great view of the sea, or the adult-only pool area which offers total peace from the splashes and screams of small people; and lastly an indoor pool at the spa.

Although Blue Lagoon Village is located only 15 minutes from the island’s most famous Paradise Beach (apparently it’s stunning) I didn’t visit.

The beach attached to the hotel was quiet and offered secluded gazebos with waiter service and a company that offered jet-skis and other banana-boat type rides. So we didn’t need to leave.

We had everything, including a water-park all on our doorstep.

Blue Lagoon Village scored a 10 out of 10 for food, accommodation, fun, facilities, staff and cleanliness.

The only thing I would say was less than perfect were a few of the entertainers.

At a risk of coming over all Simon Cowell, a few of the performers of the evening shows were a tad pitchy *cough*, but personally I found them hilarious, so it was an excellent night out either way.

Personally I think it was the best family holiday we’ve ever had. It was luxury. It’s not exactly cheap, but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth the money.

For more details and bookings log on to www.falconholidays.ie/

Thomson Holidays has the following deals to the Holiday Village next year: Dublin – Kos – 21st May 2016 – 7nights

Blue Lagoon Village, (Family Life for 2016) 5T, All Inclusive, Family of 2+1 from €2,269, Family of 2+2 from €3,149 (inc free child place)

Dublin – Kos - 21st May 2016 – 7nights

Portobello Royal 5T, Platinum, All Inclusive, Family of 2+1 from €2,159, Family of 2+2 from €3,169 (inc free child place)

Package Price includes:

Return flights, Baggage, Accommodation, 15kg baggage, 24/7 hotline, Service in resort – Book a wide range of day and night time excursions through your rep.


From May 2016 the Blue Lagoon Village will become part of the Family Life collection and will be known as Family Life Blue Lagoon Deluxe. Family Life holidays bring together every generation. There’s something for all the family – from Thea’s coffee shops for grown-ups, to BabyClubs for tots, children’s clubs for three to 11s, and The Hangout for teens. Plus, there’s activities and entertainment designed to bring the whole family together.

The staff at Blue Lagoon Village were amazing, my kids adored them