Our girl Esther takes some time out with Pat Shortt

Our girl Esther takes some time out with Pat Shortt

It’s not every day you get to run down a London street in broad daylight in your boxer shorts.

But top comedian Pat Shortt proved he was game for a laugh while filming scenes for new Irish comedy The Flag. 

In the forthcoming movie  -  which has just completed filming - Pat plays a down-on-his-luck Irish builder who takes on an extraordinary challenge. 

After hearing that his grandfather raised the republic’s flag at the GPO in 1916 - and that it is now locked away in a British army barracks  -  he sets about stealing it back and bringing it home. 

These pictures show Pat with co-star Simone Kirby on the run in Kilburn. “It’s a comedy and Pat was a great sport filming the scenes,” said a movie insider. “While he’s on the run from authorities after breaking into the barracks he begins to lose various items of clothing  -  it’s very much played for laughs.”

The film, which also stars top Irish actress Ruth Bradley and Vikings star Moe Dunford, has just wrapped after filming for a few days in London. 

The photos also show the comedian larking around on set with co-star Dunford while filming other scenes on a movie prop horse. 

Most of the movie was filmed in Ireland over the previous six weeks in various locations around the city, including McKee Barracks. 

The Flag will be released later this year by top film company Treasure Entertainment, who previously brought us hit comedy The Stag. They’ll also be releasing the Oscar shortlisted Viva, a drama set in the Cuban drag scene, later this year. 

Shortt has shown his acting prowess in previous films including director Lenny Abrahamson’s Garage, as well as comedy dramas Man About Dog and Life’s a Breeze.