New GAWA t-shirts featuring Jimmy Nesbitt score with fans before Euros

One of Mark Sheppard's 'Jimmy t-shirts' in 'Italian Sports Car Green'
One of Mark Sheppard's 'Jimmy t-shirts' in 'Italian Sports Car Green'
Jimmy at the Framton fight with fellow Ulstermen AP McCoy and Martin O'Neill
Jimmy at the Framton fight with fellow Ulstermen AP McCoy and Martin O'Neill

Ulster star Jimmy Nesbitt is feeling tee-rrific!

The fun-loving actor has congratulated a local businessman who has cashed in on his now infamous boozy antics at Carl Frampton’s fight in Manchester

As Jimmy teed-off his trip to the Masters golf tournament this week to cheer on homegrown superstar Rory McIlroy, he took time out to applaud a fun-poking T-shirt featuring him that is flying of the shelves.

Start-up company Weeker Tees, run by local man Mark Sheppard, has been kicking out some really unique and on-trend T-shirts aimed at fans heading to Euro 2016.

Now, one of their latest shirts, emblazoned  with the photo of Jimmy taken ringside at Carl Frampton’s victory over Scott Quigg when he was interviewed a few sheets to the wind, has received plaudits from the world-famous actor himself.

Underneath the photo of Jimmy in his retro Norn Iron top reads the words: “They said, ‘you can’t wear a football shirt’. But I thought, I might be an Italian sports car, so... Norn Iron!!! - J. Nesbitt (2016)”

When we sent him a photo of the shirt this week, a thrilled Jimmy said that he’s “delighted to make small contribution to continuing the long-standing tradition of shirt-making in the north west! Outstanding shirt-making!”

With Northern Ireland football fans and Frampton fans alike having reviewed the footage hundreds of thousands of times since the fight, the words on the shirt are now the generally accepted version of what Jimmy was trying to get across.

But in true Norn Iron fashion, Jimmy was the first to take the p**s out of himself and stick two fingers up to the po-faced Twitterati who seem to think alcohol is a banned substance.

Afterwards, he made light of his night out, sending a video clip of himself to the Stephen Nolan Show in which he sends a message to Carl Frampton, congratulating him on his victory.

Jimmy said: “Greetings Carl from a very hot and sticky but very beautiful botanic gardens here in Singapore where I’m doing a bit of work.

“Also it was the furthest place I could get away to after Saturday night. What a performance and indeed you weren’t bad either.

“I wanted to congratulate you but I was unable to speak to you, to be fair I was unable to speak, a little bit too much hospitality beforehand.

“However, we are incredibly proud of you and indeed on Sunday morning I felt like I too had been through 12 gruelling rounds with the world champion, Northern Ireland’s very own Carl Frampton.

“Everyone is so proud. Well done!”

T-shirt-maker Mark, upon hearing that Jimmy is a fan of his handiwork, was over the moon.

“I started Weeker Tees just over a year ago and I decided to do something a bit different for the Euros,” he said.

“A lot of the Northern Ireland T-shirts that were doing the rounds weren’t very good, so I wanted to inject a bit of Northern Irish humour into it – just a bit of banter without crossing the line...

“I’m really glad Jimmy likes the T-shirt, but I’m not surprised after seeing the video he made after the Frampton fight. He’s a really down-to-earth guy and he sees the funny side of it!”

The T-shirt, which comes in a variety of colours including ‘Italian sports car green’ and ‘Italian sports car navy’, also shows Jimmy wearing his retro Northern Ireland football shirt and holding his right hand over the badge with great emotion and pride.

After the fight at the Manchester Arena, hundreds of hilarious memes began to circulate around the internet, and, predictably, hundreds of bitter comments from the self-appointed booze police, condemning Jimmy for having a good time on a rare night off.

The shirts, priced £15.99, are available on line at weekertees.com alongside a selection of other great Northern Ireland fan shirts, either for those making the trip to France this summer, or staying at home.

Another shirt features Stephen Davis as ‘Captain Fantastic’, alongside the words ‘Dare to Dream!’ with a caricature of Davis having seemingly packed on a lot of muscle...