My Jade won’t have sex on TV says proud mum

Jade won't go all the way on BB TV show says her mum
Jade won't go all the way on BB TV show says her mum
Caroline and Vicky say viewers will see the real Jade
Caroline and Vicky say viewers will see the real Jade

BIG Brother star Jade Martina Lynch’s family insist she will not have sex in the house – and certainly not with fellow Dublin hellraiser Marc O’Neill.

Jade’s mother Caroline and sister Vicky opened their hearts this week to the Sunday World about the 24-year-old model, who has been catapulted to fame on the Channel 5/TV3 show.

Caroline and Vicky stress that viewers are seeing the real Jade in the house and her mood swings are not her playing up for the cameras.

Jade has already confessed that she believes in being polyamorous – having sexual or romantic relationships with more than one person at the same time.

“Oh no,” storms Caroline when asked if Jade would have sex in the house.

“My kids are very modest. I don’t think I brought them up that way. If she’s happy being polyamorous, let her at it.”

Vicky (22), Jade’s only sibling, agrees that her sister would never have sex in front of millions of TV viewers.

“She probably wouldn’t even kiss anybody. She’s very private about her sex life,” she says. “Looks wise in the house she would go for Cristian, but for personality she would go for Danny.”

Caroline giggles: “That’s why she’s single, she’s so picky.”

Vicky explains that Jade knows her polyamorous lifestyle would not be popular in Ireland.

“She doesn’t really talk to us about it. She holds a lot of stuff in. She had a boyfriend about three or four years ago. That was for about two years. She would come in and say ‘no we’re not together anymore’ and then they’re back together. She doesn’t really talk about relationships or being polyamorous.

“She did cheat on her boyfriend a few years ago. So she said ‘instead of me hurting people, I can be open’.  She picked that lifestyle, because she thinks it’s best for her.”

Caroline and Vicky, speaking in their home in Kilmore, north Dublin, agree that Jade and former Tallafornia fool O’Neill (right) did not hit it off when they first met.

And Caroline stresses her daughter was not acting when she went into the diary room and threatened to leave after O’Neill after he flashed his genitals.

“I knew she would flip,” storms Caroline. “You don’t do something like that. That’s traumatising. I knew she was going to crack.

Vicky observes: “They clashed when they got in, but I’d say give them a few more days and they will get on. I think they’ve buried the hatchet already.

“She only saw him in Tallafornia and they only met once. She saw him because when she won a Miss Ireland qualifier and the Tallafornia people came in and he took a picture.”

Vicky says that Jade has two sides to her personality.

“She would sit here and laugh at you and then she would snap at you,” she discloses.

“Jade always had confidence and it may come across that she has confidence, but deep down she wouldn’t really have that much. But it’s just a thing that she dreamed to be on Big Brother.”

She adds: “I would love her to win it and I would say she will win because she is a good character. Marc – I hate to say it – he is entertaining. He brings more fun to the house.”