Zayn Malik hasn't wished 1D well

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Zayn Malik hasn't wished 1D well

Zayn Malik hasn't wished One Direction well with their new album.

The four-piece band - which Zayn left in March - have released their first album since his departure today (13.11.15) titled 'Made In The A.M.' but Niall Horan admitted the group haven't received any well wishes from their former bandmate.

He told Digitalspy.co.uk: "I haven't spoken to him in a few weeks, but I'm sure we'll hear from him in the next few days once the album is out."

Their fifth studio album - available to stream on Prime Music now - is their final release before they take an extended break from the band but they're facing stiff competition in the charts from Justin Bieber.

And while Zayn hasn't been supporting One Direction, Justin Timberlake has backed the 'Sorry' singer and told him to "keep up the good work".

Tweeting Timberlake, Bieber wrote: "Good seeing you and thanks for the kind words. Means a lot," to which the 34-year-old star replied: "You too. Keep up the good work, lil' bro."

But other stars stayed on the fence while praising the musicians, with YouTuber Ricky Dillon telling his 2.24 million followers he was loving both of the acts' new records.

He tweeted: "I'm so obsessed with #purpose @justinbieber it's so cool to see how you and your music have grown. I love love love the sound of this album (sic)."

And shortly afterwards, he added: "I'm in love with #MadeInTheAM @onedirection incredible job guys, the album from start to finish is so flawless. Thanks for blessing my ears (sic)."