Video: Amazing footage shows off 14-year-old Amy Winehouse's stunning voice

A still from the clip showing a 14-year-old Amy Winehouse
A still from the clip showing a 14-year-old Amy Winehouse

In a clip from the upcoming documentary on her life, a 14-year-old Amy Winehouse shows just what a sensational talent she was, even as a child.

The singer, who died in 2011 aged just 27, is captured on film singing 'Happy Birthday' to a friend and it is a truly sensational rendition.

It is clear, even at this tender age, that Winehosue had a special talent and voice.

The film, called Amy, was directed by Asif Kapadia, the man behind the brilliant 'Senna' and like that film, it uses archive footage and interviews with those who knew her to tell the story of the singer's life.

Amy's father Mitch threatened the film makers with defamation but he has since withdrawn his legal threat, though he maintains the film is misleading.

However, Kapadia told the Independent that he had to include her father so much as he was so central to Amy's story.

“We were just trying to be honest to Amy really, to show that she was in a confused situation and I think a lot of people got confused about her and the fame and the fact everybody wanted a piece of her,” he said.

“People that were anywhere near Amy were suddenly being interviewed and being on TV and it becomes quite exciting for people and that wasn’t necessarily great for her. And we had to show that, it would be remiss to not show it.”

"Everyone said she really loved her Dad and he loved her. The film is not about their relationship, it's about loads of things that were going on so it's not a denial [that he was a good father].

"He's in the film because he was a key part of her life."

The film is due for release here on July 3.