Tove Lo's new LP is about a 'female hard-on'

Tove Lo's new LP is about a 'female hard-on'

Tove Lo says the title for her second album 'Lady Wood' is a reference to a "female hard-on".

The 'Habits' hitmaker has spoken candidly about her forthcoming LP, which is the follow-up to 2014's 'Queen of the Clouds', and said she felt it was important to put across how "unfair" the saying, "Grow some balls", is because it suggests you have to be a man to be "brave" and "outspoken".

Asked what the title of her forthcoming record means, she explained: "It's a female hard-on I guess.

"But it also for me stands for ... you know when you want a girl to be brave, you go, 'Grow some balls?'

"If someone has balls it means someone is brave, outspoken, and whatever characteristic a man has, which is very unfair.

"And if you think someone is cowardly, you say, 'Don't be a p***y', you know? There isn't really a word for the female equivalent of balls, so I thought this just fits really well."

The 28-year-old pop beauty - whose real name is Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson - is both "excited" and "terrified" to release her next record, which has extremely racy artwork.

Sharing the cover - which is a close up shot of her toned stomach with her hands unbuttoning her jeans - on Instagram, she wrote : "Babes my second album is coming and I'm so proud, excited and terrified. Full on LADY WOOD. Out Oct 28th. Pre-order on iTunes Aug 19

#LADYWOOD (sic)"

Meanwhile, Tove Lo has opened up about undergoing treatment on her vocal cords in 2014, and how it took her a year to get her voice back on form.

She told London's Evening Standard newspaper: "It took me about a year to build my voice back up ... I feel finally at peace with it now. I'm really happy to feel like I am able to tour."

'Lady Wood' is released on October 28 and includes the new single 'Cool Girl' and her smash hit 'Close' featuring Nick Jonas.