The secret Script tour

Our man Eddie with The Script
Our man Eddie with The Script

AS he stepped out on stage yesterday and scanned the awesome Croke Park stadium, The Script’s frontman Danny O’Donoghue was ablaze with excitement.

“I’m not going to under-play it, this feels f**king brilliant,” Danny told me.

O’Donoghue and band members Mark Sheehan and Glen Power invited the Sunday World to join them behind-the-scenes as they prepared for their spectacular show last night.

Full of high spirits from the adrenalin rush of a glorious homecoming, Danny removed his black leather jacket and insisted I wear it for a group photo. 

The pop star refused to wear my shades, laughing: “I’ll look like f**kin’ Bono, I get enough slagging already.”

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Superheroes in Croker, I got a real sense of what they have achieved, particularly as I had first met Danny, Mark and Glen when they were struggling musicians playing to tiny crowds.

Even before the 80,000 fans filed into the venue yesterday evening, the talented trio who’ve conquered the world couldn’t conceal their pride at becoming ‘Kings of Croker’ for a night.

“People have been telling us to soak it up because you don’t get to experience something like this every day,” Mark said, as he strutted across the pitch.

“Our show tonight is going to go down in Irish music history. Whenever great Irish bands are mentioned I want The Script to be there, and this is the first step on that ladder.”

With hits like Hall of Fame and Man on a Wire, The Script have already sold five million albums worldwide and have 1.2billion YouTube and Vevo views.

“I don’t forget where we came from,” Danny said as he relaxed in the dressing room. 

“I don’t forget how hard it was… and how close we were to not making it.”

The Script couldn’t have achieved their superstardom without the 80,000 fans in Croker last night, and the millions around the globe.

The hot trio use the internet to let fans inside their world. Last night’s Croke Park gig was streamed live to their followers around the world. 

“It’s the first live gig ever to be streamed from Croker, we’re trying to make this a worldwide event,” Glen said.

“Our whole show is designed to be as interactive as possible.”

Yesterday, The Script also had 200 flag-bearing fans rehearsing for their role in the show’s sensational opening. 

Danny, Mark and Glen made their grand entrance by marching from the back of the stadium through the 29,000 crowd on the pitch, flanked by their army of fans.

“This is another first for Croke Park,” Danny said. 

“We’re a little nervous as we’ve never done anything on this scale before. By the time we get to the stage there’ll be green smoke bombs going off.”

The Script also performed songs on a small stage in the middle of the audience. 

“We love putting ourselves out there with the crowd and involving them as much as possible,” Danny told me. 

“The audience are our entertainment as much as we are theirs. And by involving them in the show it makes Croker feel a bit more intimate.”

Backstage, The Script were soaking up the atmosphere as The Wailers and Pharrell Williams warmed up the crowd.

Before they headed out into the heady cauldron of Croker for an unforgettable night in Dublin, the trio spent an hour alone in their dressing room after asking family and friends to leave.

“As a band we tend to feed of everybody’s energy, and if there’s nervous energy in the room then we’ll all get nervous,” Danny explained.

“Then we all start to warm up in our own little ways. I have a separate warm-up room where I sing and go through my scales and do a little workout to get the blood pumping.

“Then I’ll be remembering the journey we’ve had to get here. I’ll touch the grass as we enter the stadium and then I’ll be ready for an out of body experience.”

On Friday, Sony Music Ireland presented The Script with discs for multi-platinum sales of their current album, No Sound Without Silence. They also received souvenir coins from Croke Park stadium director Peter McKenna.