The Script: From The Sugar Club to Croke Park superstars

The Script: From The Sugar Club to Croke Park superstars

This Saturday night marks The Scripts return to Dublin as 82,000 screaming fans will watch the band perform at Croke Park.

"When the Script first came along, nobody gave a sh*t about us. I remember one night we had a gig in The Sugar Club and we had to beg our family and friends to show up," Danny O'Donoghue confidently exclaimed in front of a  small group of journalists in a Croke Park suite.

"There was 63 people there that night, I counted."

Now, 6 years later, with more than 5 million album's sold, number 1 UK hits with 'Superheroes' and 'Hall of Fame, 6.6 million Facebook likes and a grand total of 1.2 billion Youtube and Vevo views, Mark Sheehan, Glen Power, and the charming O'Donoghue have come a very long way.

Saturday night will be a testament to this success, as the Dublin band return home to play in front of 82,000 loyal and screaming fans.

Concert promoters MCD revealed that while 50 percent of the ticket sales were based in the Dublin area, there was also a large interest from outside of Ireland.

O' Donoghue added that fans from as far away as Japan, South Africa and Afghanistan have snapped up to 7,500 tickets for the band's biggest headlining gig.

"I feel what makes this concert so appealing is that it is attracting people from all ethnicities and backgrounds and I heard today that with so much different nations coming to Ireland for the concert, it can generate up to €15-20 million for the Irish government.

In addition to this, The Script plan to broadcast the event worldwide through the website Livestream, so they can connect with all of their fans who couldn't manage to get tickets for the sold out event.

Hyped for the concert, Justin Green from MCD said "I think that people are actually coming home to see The Script because it's a huge celebration and it's on their home turf."

By Ross Murphy.