Stereo Kicks get fans' underwear

Stereo Kicks get fans' underwear

Stereo Kicks find it hard to "focus" when fans throw their underwear at them.

The eight-piece group - who shot to fame after competing on 'The X Factor' - admits they get bombarded with saucy garments, but were stunned the first time it happened.

Singer James Graham said of the first time: "I think it was like our fourth tour day and I got a bra thrown at me and it landed on my head while I was singing. "It was quite hard to keep focus.

"We've had a lot of knickers and a lot of bras thrown at us."

However, James insists he doesn't mind fans throwing their smalls on stage.

He told BANG Showbiz: "Weirdly we get a lot of, probably too many, bras.. I'm not complaining."

Since being put together on 'The X Factor' - where all eight members initially auditioned as solo artists - the group have attracted a number of female fans and feel honoured to be compared with One Direction, who were also formed on the show.

Youngest band member Charlie Jones said recently: "Everyone has said since we were put together that they haven't seen this reaction since One Direction, which is obviously a massive, massive compliment."