Sharon Corr: I feel frightened by music videos

Sharon Corr: I feel frightened by music videos

Sharon Corr feels frightened by the current state of the music industry.

The Irish singer, who appears alongside her siblings Andrea, Caroline and Jim in their band The Corrs, believes sexualised imagery is being used too much to sell music.

She reflected: "Me, Andrea and Caroline are all mothers now and I worry about some of the stuff kids are being exposed to. Yes, people have being using sex to sell products for ever, but I have a daughter who's eight and a son who's nine and the highly sexualised videos they're exposed to really frighten me.

"What is the entertainment industry saying to young girls? That they have to get naked to be good at what they do?"

Sharon, 45, cited Adele as an example of an artist who has managed to top the chart on the strength of her vocals talents, rather than because she promotes herself in a provocative way.

She told The Sunday Times newspaper: "Thank God we have people like Adele, who prove that you don't have to pander to all that rubbish. Ah ... you've got me started now."