Shane Filan reveals the extent of his financial woes

Shane Filan in conversation with Pat Kenny
Shane Filan in conversation with Pat Kenny

In an interview with Pat Kenny to be broadcast next week, the Westlife singer speaks about having just a few hundred quid in the bank.

Filan's financial problems stemmed from the collapse of his property company in 2012, with debts of €23million. During his appearance on next Monday night's Pat Kenny in the Round at 9pm on UTV Ireland he speaks frankly about the ups and downs of his life at that time.

"It was really bad. We had just played Croke Park, it is incredible looking back at it. We played to 170,000 people in one weekend and the following week, I had a few hundred quid. I literally had a few hundred quid in my bank account.”

Filan also speaks about how important his wife Gillian was during that difficult time.

“She’s just unreal. She’s class. I could’ve been very unlucky to meet somebody else that would’ve reacted completely differently and she was, it’s cliché to say your rock, but she was, she was like a boulder. There was nothing that was going to stop us. I remember telling her at the time, when we knew it was really bad, I remember I standing in the house in Sligo and I said, look we could lose this house. It’s not looking good. She said I don’t care, we could live in a cardboard box and that’s the type of woman she was, that was her comment. That’s when you realise Pat, life is going to throw some ups and downs at you, but if you have a happy family and three perfect children, you know I don’t need anything else. You just need to get by and I don’t need much more.”

Filan also speaks at length about a possible Westlife comeback and the inside story of his less than ideal audition to get into the band in the first place.

Filmed as live in front of a studio audience of 150 people, Pat Kenny in the Round is an hour-long entertainment show, recorded in the Round Room of Dublin’s Mansion House. Pat Kenny’s interview with Shane Filan will broadcast on Monday, 1st June at 9pm, exclusively on UTV Ireland.