Rebecca Ferguson doesn't want 'quick sales'

Rebecca Ferguson doesn't want 'quick sales'

Rebecca Ferguson doesn't want "quick grabs and quick sales".

The 28-year-old singer has confessed she wants to "sustain" a career in the music industry in order to give her two children, nine-year-old Lillie May and Karl, 8, the best possible life.

Speaking at The Fragrance Foundation Awards 2015, held at The Brewery, London, on Thursday night (05.14.15), Rebecca told BANG Showbiz: "The aim for me is to have a long career. I've got a couple of kids, and so I can't really be a fashion, because I have to sustain a life for my children. For me it's not about quick grabs and quick sales, it's about having a sound that will last and sustain."

The former 'X Factor' runner-up also revealed that she's been asked to duet with another contestant from the ITV talent show, however she wants to be "careful" about making any rash decisions, due to the "stigma" attached to artists who become famous through the competition.

Rebecca said: "It's not confirmed but I have been asked to work with somebody (from 'The X Factor'). I feel like these decisions get laid on the table for me, and there's such a stigma with 'X Factor'. I feel like people are just waiting for me to fail, so I have to be careful what decisions I make in my career.

"It's not that I don't want to do certain things, but I don't want people to misjudge what we do, so if I do work with another 'X Factor' contestant, it would have to be for the right reasons, done in the right way, and something that I really love to do, so I'm still thinking about it."