Primal Scream cancel concert dates

Primal Scream cancel concert dates

Primal Scream have been forced to cancel a number of concert dates after singer Bobby Gillespie's accident.

The 53-year-old musician was rushed to hospital in Switzerland last week when he was injured after he fell from the top of a speaker stack mid-way through their performance at the Caribana Festival.

Bobby has been advised by doctors to take eight weeks off to recover, forcing the band to cancel a number of dates on their world tour.

A statement on their Twitter account read: "Primal Scream have been forced to cancel several European and UK shows this summer following Bobby Gillespie's accident last Thursday night at the Caribana festival, Switzerland.

"Bobby has been instructed to rest for a minimum of eight weeks."

The Daily Mirror reports that Bobby has been ordered to remain flat on his back while he recovers from the fall.

Cancelled shows include Spain's Azkena Festival, the UK's Secret Garden Party and Beat Herder festivals, three dates in Italy and Sea Sessions in Bundoran, Ireland.

Primal Scream's headline performance at Sea Sessions on Saturday 24 June has now been filled by indie punk group Ash but the band have already signed up to perform at next year's festival.

The indie rock band - also comprised of Andrew Innes, Martin Duffy, Darrin Mooney, Barrie Cadogan and Simone Butler - are currently touring their 11th studio LP 'Chaosmosis'.