Pitbull is 'single, bilingual and ready to mingle'

Pitbull is 'single, bilingual and ready to mingle'

Pitbull always stays "single, bilingual and ready to mingle".

The 'I Know You Want Me' rapper - who can speak English and Spanish - has revealed he never wants to be tied down with a relationship because he prefers to have fun with his life, and even has a catchphrase to match his life choice.

When told about how his fellow Miami musician Jason Derulo is now single, he said: "Good for him, congratulations! I stay single, bilingual and ready to mingle!"

The 34-year-old musician insisted he doesn't consider himself to be a "player" who treats women badly though, and said he's just having a good time so people can say he had a "fun" life when he dies.

Shortly before his performance at Capital's Summertime Ball with Vodafone on Saturday (06.06.15), he told Capital FM: "I'm not a player, I'm just enjoying life. My funeral is not even going to be a funeral, it's going to be a fun-eral. Alright, and at the fun-eral everyone's going to go up and go, 'That guy enjoyed life, that guy had fun'."

And while chatting on the show about which act on the event's line-up he would most like to marry, he admitted he liked the idea of tying the knot with five-piece girlband Fifth Harmony.

When questioned on how he would be able to keep all five members happy, he joked: "Well that's the beauty of it, I was raised by women so I'm kind of used to it."