Pete Townshend: The Who is not fulfilling to me

Pete Townshend: The Who is not fulfilling to me

Pete Townshend doesn't find The Who concerts "fulfilling".

The 'My Generation' hitmaker finds performing shows with the iconic band "too easy" and claims he doesn't get much satisfaction out of playing live any more.

Townshend - who will headline Glastonbury and the Barclaycard British Summer Time Hyde Park festival this summer - said: "The shows? I don't like them ... I don't find them fulfilling. But I'm brilliant at it. I find it incredibly easy. I drift through it."

Townshend compared the experience of playing live with The Who - which is fronted by Roger Daltrey - to making a pair of shoes.

He told Uncut magazine: "It's like being able to make a pair of shoes and knowing that you've got to a point that whenever you make a pair of shoes for somebody they're going to last them for life. I don't get particularly excited about it, but I do find it easy."

Even getting praise from fans and gig goers is not enough to make the 'Pinball Wizard' player get exciting about performing.

He revealed: "I get out the other end and the next day, somebody comes up to me and says, 'You were f***ing amazing yesterday!"

This week The Who were confirmed as the final headline act for Glastonbury. They join Foo Fighters and Kanye West on the bill at Michael Eavis' world famous event in Somerset, South West England.