Pete Townshend doesn't 'like' The Who shows

Pete Townshend doesn't 'like' The Who shows

Pete Townshend doesn't "like" performing with The Who.

The guitarist - who is in the iconic band along with fellow founding member Roger Daltrey, 71 - explained despite playing shows around the world, he doesn't particularly enjoy his life on the road.

He said: "The shows? I don't like them. I don't find them fulfilling. But I'm brilliant at it. I find it incredibly easy. I drift through it.

"I get out the other end and the next day, somebody comes up to me and says, 'You were f**king amazing yesterday!'"

The 'My Generation' rocker went on to liken his performances to a pair of shoes, saying he has reached a point where he will never disappoint people with what he does, just like a good cobbler.

Speaking in the new issue of Uncut magazine, he added: "It's like being able to make a pair of shoes and knowing that you've got to a point that whenever you make a pair of shoes for somebody they're going to last them for life. I don't get particularly excited about it, but I do find it easy."

The 69-year-old musician - who is currently on tour across North America - will return to Europe for a string of shows in June, including a headline performance at Barclaycard's British Summer Time in London's Hyde Park on 26 June.