Norah Jones admits her success was 'nutty'

Norah Jones admits her success was 'nutty'

Norah Jones admits the success of her debut album was "a little nutty".

The Grammy Award-winning star was just 23 when her debut record, 'Come Away With Me', sold more than 27 million copies worldwide - and Norah has confessed to being shocked by the level of attention she subsequently received.

She shared: "It was a little nutty. It all happened so fast. I didn't know what I was doing. Maybe that's why it worked."

Norah, now 37, has never considered herself to be a jazz artist - and said her music has been constantly evolving ever since she released her debut album.

She told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "I'd played a million restaurants. I'd sung all the old jazz standards. And they are beautiful and inspiring but they've already been sung as well as they are ever going to be.

"So I kind of moved away and I kept moving away, because the world of music is big and I was inspired to the left or to the right but not down the same lane I started out in."

Norah admitted that she did not have to many pre-conceived ideas or ambitions before making her soon-to-be-released new album, 'Day Breaks'.

She said: "There was a plan ... but not too much of a plan.

"I wanted somewhere I could stretch, something that I could float over the top with my voice, but really a kind of bad-ass vibe. The best part is when a song opens up and takes on its own life in the studio. That's the magic."