Natty's healing record

Natty's healing record

Natty thinks his new album has the "power to heal".

The 'I'm Alive' singer believes the positive tone of his long-awaited second album 'Release the Fear' - the follow-up to his 2008 debut 'Man Like I' - can help fans and has urged them to board his "rebelship".

He said: "Music has the power to heal. Jump on board the rebelship and catch a healing."

Natty thinks his record has the "roots" to stand the test of time, unlike a lot of "fast-food" music without longevity that he believes many record labels favour these days.

He added: "Alongside my band, The Rebelship, we stand for something firm, rooted and positive in a time when the major labels seem to focus on fast food-style music designed to last for a moment."

'Release the Fear' is described by Natty as a future-roots, concept album that takes fans on a journey through love, redemption, self-identity and unity.

The album is on sale digitally now and Natty will be heading out on a UK tour from 7 March, where physical copies of the record will be available.

Visit his website, nattymusic.com, for more information, including tour dates.