Matt Healy thinks 1975's album is perfect

Matt Healy thinks 1975's album is perfect

Matt Healy thinks The 1975's latest album is "perfect".

The outspoken singer loves the group's "cinematic" LP 'I Like It When You Fall Asleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It' - which was released in February - and says he and his bandmates went on a "really exciting creative bender" in the recording studio.

Matt - who is joined in the band by George Daniel, Adam Hann and Ross MacDonald - is so impressed by his own work, he thinks there is little that could be done to make the record better.

He said: "We wanted it to feel very cinematic and it is almost the length of a film. We got to the point where we were told it wouldn't fit on a CD if we carried on. It was just this really exciting creative bender, and the more ridiculous it got, the more subversive it got.

"There's f**k all wrong with the album. Nothing. It's perfect for me. I could spend another two years on it and maybe make it three per cent better."

Though he hasn't been approached to do so, Matt insists the 1975 will headline both Glastonbury and the Reading and Leeds festivals in the next few years.

Outlining his plans for the group, the 27-year-old frontman told the new issue of NME magazine: "We'll put something out next year, whether it be a single or an EP, album in 2018.

"[We will] headline Reading and Leeds that year, headline Glastonbury the year after or the year after that..

"I mean, I haven't got the offers yet. But I tell you now, I'm doing it. Who else is going to do it?"