Lionel Richie: I won't have more kids like Ronnie Wood

Lionel Richie: I won't have more kids like Ronnie Wood

Lionel Richie won't have more children like Ronnie Wood because he isn't a "superhuman" like the rocker.

The 'All Night Long' hitmaker thinks that it's no surprise The Rolling Stones guitarist is expecting twins at the age of 68 with wife Sally - who is 31 years his junior - but admitted he doesn't relish the idea of it for himself.

When asked if the rocker should still be adding to his brood, Lionel quipped: "When you can defy the laws of gravity anyway, of course he can have kids - twins, to be exact.

"If you really want to kill me, give me some more kids! I'm fascinated about life, but I think I'm over the fact that I'd want to have any more kids. I don't think it will happen.

"They have defied it all - life and death. Mick and the boys, they are super-human."

The 66-year-old singer - who is father to adopted daughter Nicole Richie, 34, son Miles, 21, and daughter Sofia, 17 - dates younger blogger Lisa Parigi but happily admits his life is a lot less "rock 'n' roll" than Ronnie's.

He told The Sun newspaper: "With Ronnie, we've come to expect something different anyway. He is living a full rock 'n' roll life. I am very happy for him. I don't think anybody's shocked.

"And by the way, don't attempt to copy anything they do, because you're going to die a thousand times."