Lily Allen launches record label

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Lily Allen launches record label

Lily Allen is launching her own record label.

The 'Smile' hitmaker has announced she has teamed up with Theo Motive to create Bank Holiday Records and "put out good music".

She wrote on Twitter: "Warner asked me to set up my own record label and I asked my bro @TheoMotive to run it.

"Putting out good music and having a laugh while doing so is the plan! (sic)"

Whilst he added on his Instagram account: "@bankholidayrecords is the label, happy birthday @lilyallen & love for having me run things fam. much goodness on the way. Big up @jimmmicrayon on the logo. Release announcements soon come (sic)"

And Lily is no doubt hoping her new venture goes better than the last after her previous label - In the Name Of, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment - folded in 2014 after just three years with just Tom Odell and the band Cults on their books.

Her spokesman said at the time: "Lily will shortly be announcing a new signing/consulting role for another label ... In the meantime she is very happy that Tom Odell's records will be released on Columbia, who were the distributors for ITNO."

Whilst a source added: "Lily had bright hopes but it simply hasn't worked out. She hoped by now to have an array of pop talent on her roster but it's quite the opposite ... Three years is enough time to gauge success. It's just run its course."

Meanwhile, Lily has been going through a tough time personally recently as she opened up about how she was harassed by a stalker for seven years.

She said: "I had all sorts of metal shutters and locks on the doors but I'd been cooking and burned a pan and opened the back door. I closed it but forgot to lock it when I went to bed. [Later than night] I sat up in bed and looked and the door handle was twisting round.

"This guy came steaming in and I didn't know who he was. I recoiled and he ripped the duvet off, calling me a 'f***ing bitch' and yelling about where his dad is."