Keith Richards' sleepy song

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Keith Richards' sleepy song

Keith Richards wrote 'Satisfaction' in his sleep.

The Rolling Stones rocker had set up a cassette player by his bed and was surprised to see it had reached the end of recording when he woke up the following day.

He said: "The cassette machine was a handy little tool. I wrote 'Satisfaction' on that. I was lying in bed with a guitar just plonking about and I feel asleep.

"I had the machine by the bed.

"Cut to wake up time. I glanced at the machine and noticed the tape had run to the end. I thought, 'Maybe I hit the button in my sleep...' but I don't remember getting that frantic.

"I pushed it all the way to the start and sure enough, I had woken up in the middle of the night.

"It's the most bizarre version of 'Satisfaction' you'll ever hear - 'I can't get no satisfaction, dun, dun, dun, dun...' a moment of silence then it's 45 minutes of me snoring."

Keith is known for his distinctive sense of style, which he claims is a result of stealing clothes from his partners.

He told Q magazine: "The reason I look like I do is I steal most of these clothes from my old ladies.

"Anita [Pallenberg], in those days, we just used to buy something and say not for one or the other because it will fit either of us.

"Style is unconscious. It's like that other word, cool. If you want to be cool, if you have to think about it, then you ain't.

"Also I've got a frame that fits just about anything. Even if it's too big it looks good."