Keith Richards: I saw Brian Jones' ghost while making new album

Keith Richards: I saw Brian Jones' ghost while making new album

Keith Richards saw the ghost of Brian Jones when recording the Rolling Stones' new album.

The group have recorded covers of their favourite blues tracks for new LP 'Blue & Lonesome' and the studio sessions brought back strong memories of their late bandmate - who drowned in his swimming pool a month after he quit in 1969 - because they used to play the songs with him.

Keith told Uncut magazine: "The last time I ever played 'Little Rain' was with Brian Jones. Now, I'm playing 'Little Rain' in the studio and suddenly Brian is looming in front of me..."

Sir Mick Jagger added: "Exactly! You can feel them around you.

"Keith probably thought, 'I'd better get this right.'

"I just wanted to get the harmonica solo right, I must have learned that from Brian."

While former member Mick Taylor - who made a number of appearances on the group's 50th anniversary tour - is a respected blues guitarist and many fans hoped he'd appear on the covers record, the group insist he would have "dithered" too much and hampered the recording process.

Ronnie said: "He would have analysed it too much I think.

"He would have dithered around too much. What he does best is play. Talk about it? No."

But one special guest who does make an appearance is Eric Clapton, who was recording in the studio next door and agreed to contribute to the Stones' versions of Little Johnny Taylor's 'Everybody Knows About My Good Thing' and Otis Rush's 'I Can't Quit You Baby'.

Ronnie said: "We maintain that Eric never plays as good as when he plays with us. Something comes out of him. He likes to be a part of a band I think it is."