Johnny Marr slams online touts

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Johnny Marr slams online touts

Johnny Marr has slammed online touts.

The former The Smiths star took to his Twitter account to criticise "eBay t**sers" after his Record Store Day 2015 cover of Depeche Mode's 'I Feel You' appeared on the web market place for an inflated price.

He wrote yesterday (21.04.15): "I'll try to do an extra run of I Feel You 7" singles so those who wanted it but didn't get it don't get ripped by the EBay t**sers. J.(sic)"

He had previously warned fans of Record Store Day - which celebrates the culture of independently owned music shops - not to buy the track for an inflated price, claiming it wasn't "in the spirit of RSD".

He said on April 18: "Do not pay inflated prices for I Feel You on eBay. It's a rip off & not in the spirit of RSD. Johnny #screwthetouts".

The 51-year-old guitarist recently admitted he has managed to "surprise himself" with his cover of the Depeche Mode hit, which he has also adopted into his live set.

He said: "I've surprised myself that it sounded so like me and my band. When you cover a song you have to bring something of yourself to it. I was playing it on tour, just in my dressing room, and it sounded good, and then I started to sing it and we worked it up in a soundcheck and played it immediately in the encore that night."