Johnny Borrell slams The Libertines

Johnny Borrell slams The Libertines

Johnny Borrell has slammed The Libertines as "a referential tabloid pantomime".

The Razorlight frontman claims that after the release of their second self-titled album The Libertines' label wanted to "capatilse" on their success and make them record whatever they could get out of them.

He said: "The history of recent British music could have been very different if Pete [Doherty] and Carl [Barat] had gotten into amphetamines instead of gak. But, by the point of this video, it feels like they are barely even a band. They'd been turned into a referential tabloid pantomime, where every song was about themselves. It was almost a piece of performance art - Marina Abramovic meets Phil and Grant of 'EastEnders'. I guess that progression is important when talking about the descent into landfill indie."

And he even claimed that their earlier demos were better than the final track-listing of the LP.

He added to Noisey: "I think with that second album [2004's self-titled LP], their label were just desperate to capitalise on the initial success, and get anything out of them. So, they hashed together a lot of songs that didn't make the first record, and dredged up some even older stuff. I remember listening to demos of 'Music When The Lights Go Out' from, like 1999 - and honestly, they were better than what ended up on that album."