Jessie Ware plays it cool with other celebs

Jessie Ware plays it cool with other celebs

Jessie Ware is not a fan of taking selfies because she prefers to play it "cool".

The 30-year-old singer revealed that when she sees other famous people she won't approach them for a picture however she likes to immediately get on the phone to her mum Helena and give her the low-down.

She said: "I usually play it quite cool I think. I don't go and get selfies. I just kind of text my mum. She always likes to know who I've seen. She'll always have an opinion. She'll ask 'What are they wearing? What's the colour of their lipstick?' She texts me back as if they're like old friends or something."

Speaking to KISS FM UK at the Isle of Wight Festival on Sunday (14.06.2015),

the 'Tough Love' hit-maker revealed just how down-to-earth she really is by revealing the contents of her rider when she performs.

The brunette beauty said: "We all love the gossip now a little bit. I have gossip magazines on my rider. I always like that little section when people get spotted. I don't think I even get spotted so it's fine.

She went on: "I get the tube. I look so rough when I go on the tube. I'm usually applying makeup and it looks half done. I don't think anyone recognises me. I think there's far more glamorous London commuters than me."

Jessie performed on day two of the festival before Pharrell Williams and Blur.

Whilst speaking backstage the singer reportedly spotted former England Goalkeeper David James mid interview and gushed: "Oh my god that's David James. Okay I'm gonna play it cool. That's you know... an England goalie!"