Jess Glynne: Vocal surgery recovery drove me mad

Jess Glynne: Vocal surgery recovery drove me mad

Jess Glynne admits her recovery from vocal surgery drove her "mad".

The 26-year-old singer underwent surgery on her damaged vocal cords in 2015, forcing her to miss out on a Glastonbury performance, and Jess has admitted the lengthy recovery process caused her lots of stress.

She recalled: "It was terrifying, really terrifying. It was a singer's worst nightmare. The whole process of recovery was, like, a good eight weeks. It was a good two months, yeah.

"I mean, it takes six weeks until you can even sing a note, like there was three weeks of no talking at all. And then you start to talk ... it is a really long process."

The 'Don't Be So Hard on Yourself' hitmaker admitted she found the recovery process especially tough because she loves to chat.

She told BBC Radio 4: "I love talking and it was very difficult. I kind of stayed away, though, from everyone and everything. I avoided everyone. I got my operation in Boston and I stayed in Boston for a couple of weeks with my mum, which was really nice, and my dad as well.

"Then, I came back for a week then I went back to Boston. Being around people when you can't talk is the most infuriating thing. It drove me mad."