Jack Garratt's 8 years worth of bad songs

Jack Garratt's 8 years worth of bad songs

Jack Garratt wrote "eight years" worth of bad songs.

The 'Worry' hitmaker - who recently won the BRITs 2016 Critics' Choice Award - admits he has wrote his fair share of terrible songs but feels it has improved his skills now and into the future.

He told The Sunday Times' Culture magazine: "I was playing it safe - I was too in love with how I came across on stage, how my voice sounded, the guitar licks I played, to think about the songs I was writing. I was basically writing s**t.

"But every songwriter has to come from somewhere. And every songwriter writes a bad song. You have to, otherwise, how can you write a good one, if you've got nothing to compare it to? The problem is, I spent about eight years just writing bad ones. OK, I'm doing myself a disservice in support of this point but there's some truth in it."

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old singer previously revealed he is already planning on where to store his awards - in the bathroom so his guests can practice their own speeches in front of the mirror.

He told BANG Showbiz: "As it stands, I'm going to keep all of them in my bathroom at home in Chicago just because I want people to go in the bathroom and see all the awards and they can have an acceptance speech on their own in the bathroom."