Irish band taking European continent by storm returns for Dublin/Belfast gigs


One of the most promising bands to come out of Ulster in recent years are to rock Belfast and Dublin this weekend after a hugely successful European tour.

Mod-rock outfit Monkeeman, have planned the gigs to celebrate the release of their brilliant new album, Lo-Fi Against Low Lifes.

Having topped the charts in Germany on several occasions, Monkeeman's loyal band of followers will get to hear the band's unique sound on Friday night at Thomas House in Dublin, and on Saturday night in Belfast, when they will play at The Bar With No Name (formerly Auntie Annie's).

The three Martys, Marty Connolly, Marty Kerr and Marty Malone joined the band, led by German Ralf Luebke, just over two years ago.

Marty Connolly joked: “It’s easier to explain if you think about Monkeeman as a German band that’s been contaminated by three Irishmen!”

Speaking of their new album, Connolly said that the four-piece outfit had decided to write a new album which largely focuses on the inequalities of post recession Britain and Ireland.

 He explained: “A lot of our lyrics focus on our politicians, bankers and austerity measures - we rail against the right wing."

He also spoke of the band's success in Germany: “It’s nice to be given the red carpet treatment in Germany, and a bit surreal.

 “Monkeeman is very well known in Germany. Before me and the other two Martys joined, the band had a number one hit in the country called ‘Universe’. The song was also used on adverts for the German version of Pop Idol. 

 “Another song, called ‘Life is Wonderful’ got to number three in the charts, so the band is already well established in the country.”

 Having recorded an EP two years ago, after their initial meeting, the band recently added seven new songs to it for their latest LP.

The album has been produced by one of the top producers in Germany, Patrik Majer, who has worked with the likes of Jimmy Somerville in the past.

 Connolly said: “The new album has been two years in the making, and we’ve already a great response from critics and fans, so we’re really excited about the future for Monkeeman.”

Monkeeman’s new album, Lo-Fi Against Low Lifes, is available for download and on vinyl in selected Belfast record shops now.